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With a focus on nutrition, fitness, and stress I will help you implement lifestyle changes to lose weight, decrease stress, increase energy, and increase your fitness levels, thus increasing your overall health and quality of life. We will look at your current life and history, any recommendations from other health professionals that you have seen, and collaboratively define your goals. We will then work together weekly to implement these goals into your lifestyle. Sessions will consist of reviewing the previous week and identifying what should be changed for the next week, and planning either your workouts, meals, groceries,self-care, etc. With changing habits, it is essential that you have a plan, and an accountability partner. I help you with both! And I use my knowledge and skills from counseling and health education to equip you with the tools necessary for change!

Change does not happen overnight, but with consistent small changes every day. We will focus on one goal at a time for as long as it takes to make it stick. I suggest no less than 10 weeks of coaching. Research shows that on average, it takes 66 days for a new habit to become automatic. Think of your top goal right now. Now think of it as being part of your life in which you do it everyday and don't even have to think about it! That is possible, and together, we can make these changes.

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Stephanie Bibby Yeatts

Heath Coaching Price List

  • Initial Consultation
    20 minutes
  • A La Carte
  • First Visit
    60 minutes
  • Follow-up Visit
    45 minutes
  • Package
  • 10 week Coaching Program
    *$145 in savings!
  • First Visit (1)
    60 minutes
  • Follow-up Visit(9)
    45 minutes
  • *must use within 6 months of purchasing