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Jessica M. Kovach
NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist #16212

Jessie is a Massage and Bodywork Therapist as well as an Esthetician. Her passion lies in helping others health and wellness with a holistic and integrative approach. As a cancer survivor she is a strong advocate for her fellow cancer community especially in regards to Massage and Bodywork Therapy. In 2016, Jessie embarked on her massage journey attending and graduating from The American European Massage Clinic in Raleigh North Carolina. She was trained in Russian Medical Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Oriental (Eastern) Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage. Jessie also has a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Therapy where she was able to work with various populations and learn adaptations as well.

After being diagnosed in 2015 with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and receiving Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy, she understood and became aware of self care and self love as a daily part of her life. Her love and interest in Integrative and Holistic practice became more present after her treatments and even more so today. Jessie's goal is to establish more modalities to incorporate into her bodywork to more readily assist her client's. She is passionate of the never ending learning, knowledge, and love for Massage and Bodywork.

Jessie received additional training in Medical Massage in Costa Rica, where she herself found healing through different massage modalities, specifically Watsu. Jessie has also received pre-natal training from Claire Marie Miller.Jessie provides a unique experience for each client. With Jessie's various experience in the medical field, rehabilitation, and customer service, she is able to provide bodywork catered for each client. She incorporates various modalities and intuition to create the energy flow best suited for your body. Her goal is to educate clients not only about their body but ways to improve their overall well-being. Jessie enjoys working with client's of various needs, she aims to create balance for your overall being and body.

When Jessie isn't doing Bodywork you can find her out in nature, working in her garden, or doing yoga with her fiance and beautiful pup! She enjoys creating art; crocheting out of plastic bags or drawing. Not only is she a strong advocate for health and wellness but for our Earth as well. She believes in creating a sustainable life through food and the way we live. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love the Earth, and love our Universe. Individually and together we can raise the vibration and create a loving sustainable world to live in.