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Jon-Erik Lido
Licensed Acupuncturist

Jon-Erik Lido, L.Ac. is a graduate of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, NC. Jon-Erik became an acupuncturist from an unusual path- a thirteen year-long career as a computer software developer and IT professional. The choice to pursue a career in acupuncture stemmed from a desire to have greater and more direct positive impact in peoples’ lives. His mission is to transform health and health-care in the Triangle.

Jon-Erik Lido, Licensed AcupuncturistJon-Erik was introduced to the theory of Chinese Medicine through Chinese martial arts. The theory and practice of the internal martial arts Xingyiquan and Baguazhang opened up a new world to him. They provided him with a visceral, personal experience of the theoretical and energetic underpinnings of the Daoist philosophy, cosmology, and channel energetics that are at the heart of Chinese Medicine. They also introduced him to the practice of one branch of Chinese Medicine– Tuina, or medical massage.

From this starting point the education at Jung Tao School provided him with a seamless introduction to acupuncture. Its curriculum placed heavy emphasis on theory so that the medicine could be understood thoroughly and applied to the particulars of any situation. He was encouraged to personally discover the medicine through immersive self-study in addition to time spent in the classroom so he could develop a rich, deep theoretical foundation upon which to build a lifetime of further discovery. This was an invitation he took (and continues to take) to heart. Meanwhile the Taiji (Tai Chi) courses continued to develop his skills of sensitivity and awareness.

Jon-Erik continues his study of the classics of Chinese Medicine to this day. He has added Yoga to his routine for personal internal development, and is a registered yoga teacher. Through yoga he strives to awaken new levels of awareness, sensitivity, and compassion for all people. Jon-Erik has a special passion for Yin Yoga, which combines Chinese acupuncture theory with poses derived from Hatha Yoga.