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Patience O'Neill
NC LMBT #14469

I am LGBTQ friendly and body positive.

Massage has been a part of my life from when I was a teenager doing massage trades with friends. Since then it had always been in my back pocket as something I may pursue professionally one day. That day just happened to be around the end of 2013 when I decided to go to Body Therapy Institute to become licensed as a Massage Therapist in December 2014. Since then I have been continually surprised and pleased at just how well massage therapy and I go together.

My goal as a massage therapist is essentially to satisfy your goal as a client. Happy to help you fall as deeply into the relaxation that you are looking for, I specialize in tension release and pain management. With a good mix of direct pressure techniques to pinpoint tension within specific muscles, melting the connective tissue between muscles to better open up muscle groups with Myofascial Release Therapy, and warming the muscles while slowly kneading out the tension and life stress that muscles hold onto by using Swedish techniques, I intend on giving you the body work you need while making the massage as relaxing as you are looking for.

The modalities I utilize if it's something that fits with what you are looking are: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Swedish Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, and Joint Mobilization and Stretching.

My request of you as a client is that you make sure to communicate with me if there are any adjustments that could make you more comfortable (i.e. pressure, positioning, temperature, music).