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Liza Engstrom

Like many people, Liza has always loved to laugh! However, it wasn’t until she discovered laughter yoga during a 2014 public health internship in Guanajuato, Mexico, that she learned laughter can be cultivated as a physical exercise and stress reduction activity. She was there implementing and evaluating a support group intervention for women with depression and happened upon a laughter yoga class in the city where she was staying. After attending and loving the class (of course!), she decided to include laughter yoga in the support group curriculum as a bonding and relaxation activity for the participating women. It was a big hit and often highlighted in exit interviews as a favorite part of the program.

This experience led Liza to further investigate the practice and explore ways to bring laughter yoga to North Carolina. In the fall of 2014 she obtained her laughter yoga teacher certification and shortly thereafter, founded Health and Happiness Align (HAHA), through which she’s led countless classes for local businesses, senior and assisted living communities, schools, health and wellness groups, and community organizations and meetings. These classes are always a blast, and leave people with simple, but powerful strategies for enhancing well-being. She is excited to continue sharing the laughter at Collective Wellness and looks forward to laughing with you soon!.