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Meg Barry
Licensed Professional Couselor

Healing work has been a thread throughout most of my life. It was through my family’s medical challenges and my own personal transformation that I was drawn to pursue a career in psychotherapy and energy work conducting Soul Clearings. I am currently a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate in North Carolina and work for a community mental health agency in Durham, conducting individual therapy for adults with a serious mental illness diagnosis, substance abuse issues, and chronic pain. My passion in life is to blend alternative and traditional approaches in talk therapy to improve mental health symptoms and create greater soul awareness for individuals. I specialize in working with individuals who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, auto-immune issues, mood disorders, and/or complex trauma. In my psychotherapy and counseling work I use a combination of talk therapy and holistic interventions such as mindfulness, health coaching, and Emotional Freedom Technique to help individuals process, release, and generate healing in their lives.

I am also a Certified Health Coach through my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have advanced training in Emotional Freedom Technique. I have been active as a practitioner for Spiritual Response Therapy for over seven years, and have experienced my own personal transformation through the Soul Clearing process for nearly a decade. This diverse training in traditional and alternative modalities has equipped me with a holistic approach to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

I am profoundly honored and grateful to witness such deep and transformative work with my clients. If you are drawn to Soul Clearings or Counseling work please do not hesitate to reach out. Information on Modalities.