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Navè Sands, MA, LPC
Licensed Therapist

Hello and welcome! I am a licensed therapist that has spent the last 10 years counseling and coaching others in learning the art of knowing how to tap into their true potential and becoming the master of their envision life.

Together we will engage in the creative process of developing your own unique art of knowing blueprint that focuses on expanding your self-awareness, take purposeful actions towards your goals and consistently going inward to deeply nurture the heartaches that need healing. My intention is to counsel and coach you as you cultivate the art of knowing how to create a life in which you live authentically, freely and resiliently.

If you want to explore counseling or coaching further with me to achieve a positive and bulletproof transformation for your life…

Let’s definitely connect!

A Few More Things About Me

I am on a personal mission to help people become the master of their life through counseling and coaching: through doing my own inner work of daily self-reflection, meditation, working with my life coach and being guided by the wisdom from my life experiences – I have gained a deeper understanding that many of us including myself wants a life that is fulfilling, joyful, prosperous, meaningful and authentically our own. I can help those who are seeking mastery of their life. With the combination of my clinical and leadership training along with my unique gifts (empathic nature, executing goals, motivator, wise, accountable, etc.), learning to become a master of your life is absolutely possible.

I have a goldendoodle fur baby boy: I call him bear since he looks like a real-life BIG teddy bear. I think he is the cutest, smartest, happiest, most loving and curious fur baby ever lived – except for when he tries to steal and eat my dirty socks.

I ran my first marathon in 2004: I was never active or athletic by any means. When I came home after my freshman year in college, my concerned mother looked at me and said “I need to take you to the doctor to check on the tumor that is growing in your stomach.” Goodness my mother can be painfully critical at times. I told her “NOT a tumor ma, just the freshman 30.” The next day, I pushed myself to get outside to walk and jog, not to exercise at first but mostly to avoid my mother wanting to embarrassingly drag me to the doctor to remove my “tumor.” Little did I know, my one year of daily slow walks and jog would turn me into a runner. Since then, I ran 7 Boston Marathons as a bandit (broke college student that couldn’t afford the registration fees and quality running shoes) and officially ran the New Hampshire Marathon in 2017. THANKS, ma!! I didn’t appreciate your courageous concern for me back then and without both of us knowing, the experience was meant to teach me how to take better care of my body and get to know its magnificent strength.

I am addicted to pickles, avocados and gin gins candy: I know, kind of a weird mix.