Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI)

Work, play, age and injury take their toll on your body. Not just the damaged “parts”, but the whole body. Our bodies are designed to work with all of our parts communicating effortlessly with each other. Whenever you injure a “part” you change how you move in order to protect that area. Over time, those adaptations can cause strain and damage elsewhere in your body if they are not addressed.

Rolfing® Structural Integration looks at the whole you, to help you regain normal movement, range of motion and structural balance in you body. It also addresses harmful movement patterns that can stress joints and cause strain and pain before injury occurs.

Rolfing sessions contain a mix of hands-on tissue therapy and movement re-education. Simply put, I lengthen what has become shortened, unwind what is twisted, soften what it stiffened and do my best to restore your birthright of a flexible, adaptive, supportive and functional body.

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