Creating a Vital, Healthy Community

We offer a variety of quality services, classes, workshops, and products in a tranquil setting that allows our community of practitioners to support you and work with you so that you can live your best possible life.



The healing power of touch is a powerful one. With a variety of therapists and modalities, our customized approach is sure to meet your massage needs.

Health Coaching

You are not alone!
Working with one of our coaches, you are part of a team focused on creating a lasting, healthy lifestyle that meets your goals.


Energy Healing

Everything is made up of energy, which includes the human body. Experience the natural healing of your energy body and biofield that surrounds you.

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Our Balanced Approach

  • Puts You First
  • Creates Lasting Results
  • Provide Quality Services & Experience
  • Offers Holistic Approach to Health & Wellbeing
  • Builds Supportive, Creative, Collaborative Community

Movement and Education are also an integral part of creating a healthy lifestyle.



Gain clarity, stimulate creativity, and improve concentration and tune into your own body and intuition.


Knowledge is power.
Empower your everyday life with a variety of events and workshops focused on just that.



Connecting your body and mind through movement that will help you gain a physical and mental edge in life.

Jessie Kovach

Massage Therapist

Jessie's passion lies in helping others health and wellness with a holistic and integrative approach.
Her various experience in the medical field, rehabilitation, and customer service, she is able to provide bodywork catered for each client.

Stephanie Bibby Yeatts

Health Coach

This Certified Health Education Specialist, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Momma, Wife has been surrounded by sports her entire life.
She is passionate for helping other implement healthy habit changes to their life.

Jenni Meraki

Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner

Jenni has studied alternative medicine, healing therapies and nutrition in response to her daughter’s rare syndrome.
Ten years later, she has helped and inspire many find better ways of living and healing naturally.

Wellness Programs
Make a commitment to your personal health and wellbeing!Our professionally-crafted comprehensive healing packages
cover ALL of YOU!